****** CARTING CLASS 2013 ******

Information: Lynda Morganlmorgan@rogers.com, 905-576-5519


Back due to popular demand!

Carting Level 1

Learn the basics of how to cart with your dog!

This class will teach the basic exercises leading to a Draft Dog Title or

just to have fun carting with your dog.

Harnesses and equipment (for large breeds similar in size to Bernese Mountain Dogs) will be available for use at class.

Come and learn what carting is all about or start working towards a draft dog title.


Dogs must be over 1 year of age.

Dogs have basic obedience with off leash control, and understand a sit or down stay.

Start Date: Sunday, April 14, 2013

Time: 11:00 a.m

Location: Oshawa

Cost: $120.00

Length of Course: 6 weeks (may not be 6 consecutive weeks – please contact us for details)

Information: Lynda Morgan lmorgan@rogers.com, 905-576-5519

BMDCO 2013